Wacom’s New Movink 13 Promises Its First OLED Drawing Tablet

Wacom announced its first OLED drawing tablet, the Movink 13, on Thursday, showing off what the company calls its lightest, thinnest pen display yet.

Wacom asserts that the new $750 Movink 13 measures 4mm at its thinnest point and weighs only 420g, making it 55% lighter and 66% thinner than the Wacom One 13 touch device. Plus, this new one only has one cable to connect it to your Mac, PC, ChromeOS, or Android device, making for a much less cluttered experience.

Wacom Movink 13 with Pro Pen 3
 Wacom Movink 13 with Pro Pen 3.

“Wacom Movink is a first-of-its-kind OLED pen display, designed to open up new possibilities for creative users. It is a great, competitively priced upgrade for many existing setups,” said Koji Yano, Senior Vice President at Wacom, in a statement. “Market Data shows that 1 in 3 digital creatives use more than one creative pen device … With Wacom Movink we can offer them the perfect solution that takes them wherever they need to be without compromising on performance, precision or experience. This quality could only be achieved with the cutting-edge OLED technology developed and provided by Samsung Display.”

The 13.3-inch OLED screen from Samsung will let the Movink 13 display deeper blacks and more colors. Wacom says it’s also anti-glare and reacts with zero latency, making drawing on the tablet as intuitive as doing so on paper. It’s a touchscreen with customizable touch keys in the top corners that you can assign shortcuts to.

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Wacom Pro Pen 3

Movink 13 with Pen Pro 3 on screen
 Movink 13 with Pen Pro 3 on screen. Wacom

The Movink 13 comes with a special version of Wacom’s Pro Pen 3, which the company promises offers “impressive pen sensitivity and tilt detection.” The new pen has a narrower, more visible nib, and it’s customizable in terms of grip thickness and balance.

However, if you’re looking to customize the Pro Pen 3, though, you’ll need to buy the $130 version separately, which adds to the total amount you’ll spend on the tablet and pen. Wacom notes that you can use the new Movink 13 with a host of other styluses and pens, including the Dr. Grip Digital for Wacom, LAMY, or STAEDTLER.

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