Threads Now Lets You Automatically Filter Out Profanity

Meta seems intent on making Threads better through incremental improvements, and this newest update is another brick in that build.

In a post on Threads Thursday, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri announced that the Hidden Words feature of Threads is expanding. Now, you can choose to filter unwanted content (based on words that are indicative of that content) from more places. Mosseri named “feeds, search, profiles, and post replies” as places these filters will apply. You can tweak these settings, too, to filter out specific words or phrases of your own choosing.

The Hidden Words feature on the Meta Threads apps.
 Threads’ Hidden Word feature. Meta

In addition to Hidden Words expanding, Mosseri also said Threads is testing ways to limit the people who can quote your posts and notification muting. Presumably, if you’re part of this test, you’ll see these features come available in your Threads app sometime today if they’re not already there.

As mentioned, these are just a couple of the incremental updates that Meta has been making to threads since its release. Initially, Threads was pretty bare bones, but with each update—things like getting a following tab last year or testing the option to archive posts (Mosseri posted about this on Wednesday)—Threads gets a little more robust.

The expansion of the Hidden Words feature should be available in your Threads app now, but we’ll have to watch Threads to see if Meta decides the ongoing tests should become permanent features.

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