Photoshop Gets New Generative AI and Reference Image Features

If you’ve ever wanted to create a picture of a flower with a diamond-encrusted bee on it or even just create an ad or flyer but you think you don’t have the skills to do it, Adobe’s AI might solve that problem.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Adobe said it’s expanding the generative AI capabilities that already exist in the beta of Photoshop AI, but it’s also adding some new capabilities like Reference Images, which allows you to pull an image into a project to use as a reference to match AI creations to the same colors, tones, and styles of the reference.

Someone editing a photo on a touchscreen computer using a stylus pen.
 Editing photos in Photoshop. andresr / Getty Images

Adobe announced several new features, including: Reference Image, Generate Image, Generate Similar, Generate Background, and Enhance Detail. The new capabilities are possible because of the new Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, which was also announced on Tuesday.

“This massive new update to Photoshop takes creativity to unprecedented levels—whether you are a professional or brand new to Photoshop,” said Ashley Still, senior vice president, Creative Product Group at Adobe in a statement. “Through new Firefly-powered features in Photoshop, we are bringing ideation and creation closer together and making editing images both more powerful and approachable so everyone can realize their creative vision.”

Each of the new tools performs exactly the function that it’s named for, but there were also some additional new features. Adjustment Brush lets you add non-destructive adjustments to parts of an image, the Font Browser has been improved so you can access more than 25,000 fonts in the cloud without leaving Photoshop to find what you need, and Adjustment Presets are single-click adjustments that apply to an entire image.

All new features and improvements are available in Photoshop’s AI version beta as of today, and according to Adobe they will be “more generally available later this year.”

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