New Apple Repair Program Enhancement Allows Some Used Parts

The Activation Lock feature will ensure that any used parts entered into the repair program are not from lost or stolen iPhones—and likely other devices as the program expands. Once the part has been cleared from the Activation Lock or Lost Mode, then it is calibrated for new repairs.

Prior to entering into the repair program, parts must go through “pairing,” which just confirms that it is a genuine part. This will apply to all used parts but is especially important for biometric sensors. According to Apple, Pairing is “critical to preserving the privacy, security, and safety of iPhone.”

The good news is that the device’s serial number will no longer be needed for parts to be ordered (unless it’s the logic board that needs to be replaced). However, Apple will still track the parts that are installed in your device and will be able to provide a repair history that includes what parts were used to repair the device.

Apple says the upcoming enhancements to the repair program will begin “this fall,” but no exact date has yet been provided.

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